The Great Snack Challenge

I am on a mission!

So my new little project involves using my boyfriend as my guinea pig.

And my mission…to create health snack foods that exclude the bad fats and sugars, use natural ingredients, but still satisfy the taste buds! This may be by inventing something completely different or altering recipes of tasty snacks.

Currently, my boyfriend works away from home during the week and eating out everyday makes it really hard to stay healthy so I want to make snacks that he can take with him and nibble on throughout the week, and that are packed full of the good stuff!

A challenge is definitely in order though…he loves haribo and cheesepuffs.

Now how do you make those healthy?

Perhaps he will be satisfied with some nuts instead!


As I try out new snack recipes, I will upload them right here and get them rated by the man himself!

I’d love to hear any new ideas so if you have any suggestions, drop me a line!

Stay Tuned!

Gingerbread Granola

So the great snack challenge has commenced and first up is gingerbread granola!

Granola is a great snack and easy to store which is why i thought to make it for my boyfriend to take on his travels, however I wanted to play with the ingredients and create a more distinct flavour. Using my healthy granola recipe I added a big chunk of grated fresh ginger root and a mix of spices that are generally used in recipes for sticky gingerbread or gingerbread men…ground ginger, cinnamon and mixed spice. For the fruit and nuts I added a mix of dried apricots, dates and walnuts.

Health benefits: Ginger is one of those superfoods and has been used as a spice and for its medicinal properties for centuries. Just some of the health benefits include its anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties, as well as being used to ease nausea, in particular morning sickness.


The Verdict: So here’s what my boyfriend said… ‘It looks great, you can see the ginger which gives the sense of the ingredients used being natural foods and its full of nuts and fruit making it appear an appealing and filling snack. It smells of ginger but not too strongly. And the taste…amazing! Like a gingerbread man. Nice balance of flavours between the fruit and nuts and the ginger isn’t overpowering.’

Overall, I deem this a success!


For the recipe click here


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