Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I’m confident this is going to be a healthy and happy 2014, with a Tough Mudder already booked for July there’s no doubt about it, i am going to have to up my game in training and I’m really looking forward to it! 

It was a great start to the new year yesterday with the first run of the year in the pouring rain!

I always think its the initial thought of looking outside and thinking its going to be a freezing cold run with chattering teeth and stiff muscles when the weather is miserable that puts most people off…i know it does to me on a lot of occasions! But then after the run I don’t know why i thought it in the first place because firstly, when its raining its cloudy and often warmer then if it were clear winter skies, secondly there’s a certain sense of greater accomplishment when your running in the rain, you have actually got off your ass and done it when everyone else is driving in their cars or sat at home. Thirdly, if your running with someone, dodging puddles becomes a funny game! and finally, you feel GREAT after!

So next time there’s a heavy down poor and your itching to expel some of that energy go for a run in the rain!

Also any runners out there, or wanting to start running, check out downloading the Strava Run app, I’ve only just begun using it, but I think it might have good potential in motivating me (and others) to get off my ass and run most days like I used to. Its got challenges you can join, including this months ‘prove it’ challenge, logging the totally distance you ran this month so i recommend checking it out, its free so what have you got to lose?!