Playing with flavours

For the rest of this week I am traveling up North to work on a project involving gulls…not too sure what this entails yet but hopefully not getting attacked during the nesting season! But this means I will be driving there tonight and staying until Friday in a bed and breakfast, so last night I decided to have a little granola cooking frenzy and tried out a few different combinations of flavours that i can tub up and take with me.

trio granola (l&l, almond, coconut)

The result ended up with three different flavour combinations:

  • Citrus granola– using fresh lemon and lime zest and juice
  • Coco granola – a mix of toasted dessicated coconut and coconut shavings
  • Bakewell granola – flavoured with ground almonds and almond escence

This time, in addition to my basic granola mix I also added some uncooked quinoa before putting in the oven which adds a tasty crunch!

The verdict….

Unfortunately my trusty taste taster is away with work at the moment, but if he’s lucky I might save him a bit of each and see what he thinks of them. In the meantime, here’s what I think of the flavour combos…

Citrus Granola – This had a refreshing taste with strong citrus flavour. It wasn’t too sharp or bitter but had a nice tangy taste.

Coco Granola – I was a bit disappointed with this granola, but only because the intensity of flavour from the dessicated coconut was lacking. The granola had a great bite to it, really crunchy, but without the added coconut shavings mixed into the cooled mixture it didn’t really taste like coconut. Think I may have to revisit this one…

Bakewell Granola – Now for my favourite! Although I may be being a bit biased as I love bakewell tart…. and pretty much anything almondy! This granola was much lighter in colour (so if you do try this mix be aware it doesn’t brown as much as other granola’s so you don’t burn it!), but it still had a nice crunch to it. The ground almonds created a light flavour and also helped stick the mixture together. If you are a fellow lover of bakewell or frangipane treats I recommend you try this variation!

Healthy Start

Good morning!

So I started today with a cup of hot water with lemon and a bowl of quinoa porridge. My boyfriend likes to take the mick out of me for having just hot water and no tea bag but it is known to have many health benefits, including aiding digestion and jump starting your metabolism. Tasty-yummies blog lists 10 benefits to drinking warm lemon water.


I’ve only made quinoa porridge once before, but it makes a great change to my normal oat porridge, easy to make and is high in protein. Today I added banana, cinnamon and sultanas, which work amazingly as natural sweeteners and topped it off with a spoonful of Meridian 100% peanut peanut-butter to satisfy my nut addiction! I also added a spoonful of ground linseeds, high in fibre and omega-3, after the quinoa was cooked.