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So it’s been a couple of months since i last posted on my blog, but I’ve been moving house and busy with work.However, now we are almost settled (minus getting pretty much all of the furniture!) me and my boyfriend are hoping to get nice and fit and healthy!

We have made the first step, joining the gym….now we have been going for runs around town and workouts at the gym but it’s time to get serious!

Using the scales at home we have weighed ourselves, including body fat percentage and BMI.

Personally I want to tone up, in particular my stomach, yet I’ve been staying within my comfort zone in exercising. Therefore I need to focus more on interval training and using weights instead of spending the whole gym session on cardio.  Whereas, Adam wants to focus on getting his body fat down to 20% and be comfortable with his stomach.

At the moment these are our stats:


Weight: 7st 10

Height: 168cm

Body Fat: 15.3%

BMI – 18.2


Weight: 16st

Height: 191cm

Body Fat: 26.1%

BMI: 27.8

Every weekend I hope to bring you an update on our progress, what we’ve been eating that week, workouts we have completed and how our overall progress is going. We are not setting a time limit, but hopefully come bikini season we will both be comfortable with our bodies!


Let the mission begin!